Sweet Spirit


Inspired by Guerlain's Spiritueuse Double Vanille

The Unicorn of Vanilla fragrances. Sweet benzoin and vanilla lead the amazing orchestra of luxurious spirits and flowers in a stealthy yet perfectly balancing way.

This fragrance is the Martini of the fragrances. Delicate, can be paired dirty, dry, sweet or even layered with other fruits. (Try layering this one with Royal green apple for a delicious mouthwatering Apple Martini).

Subtle yet long lasting, sweet yet dry, with a bit of flowers and incense to round off the edges. A definite signature scent and a must try layering masterpiece.

Notes: Vanilla, Benzoin, Incense, Cedar, Ylan-Ylang, Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine

Layering Options

Sweet Spirit Layers well with: Geneva Chocolate, Gelato and Ancient Amber

Layer with Ancient Amber to add depth

Layer with Gelato to create an Irish Cream feeling of exceptional sweetness with a touch of vodka that will have your mouth salivating at this innovating gourmand.

Layer with Geneva Chocolate to achieve the ultimate adult chocolate cake. Decadent chocolate balanced with sweet vanilla cream and served with a shot of the perfect gourmand if to make people want to indulge in you as if you were the last desert on earth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lovely Vanilla

A delightful powdery incense vanilla. Definitely more of a feminine scent. I will likely repurchase once I go through my sample bottle, which I've already used half up.


Im obsessed with this perfume. I have 10ml of the Spirituesse double Vanille (the inspiration for this perfume and a favorite of mine), and this is very similar to it. And its just addictive like the name implies. Not a cotton candy vanilla, like a run of the mill generic vanilla you can get at any price point. This one is so much better and has depth. Still very sweet though. (Ive had a LOT of perfumes over the yrs, including hundreds and hunfreds of samples and very few are as narcotic as this is to me.) But it does a great job of emulating SDV. I already used up my travel size and ill be rebuilyng a bottle for sure. So freaking good. A must have for vanilla lovers. And I've smelled hundreds! (Btw I actually prefer this to Kayalis Vanilla.)

Rachel Wyatt

Doesn’t last long at all

Samantha E Bouquin
That Dry Down

Not a fan of the opening, but I don’t hate it. That opening quickly disappears and starts to becomes this warm vanilla embrace. I can’t stop sniffing myself. I’d like to smell the OG just for the heck of it. Glad I don’t have to pay $300 to have this warm vanilla embrace.

Debbie ventimiglia
My muse

At first when I received sweet spirit I did not care for it, but I gave it a couple of weeks to settle, and this is a intoxicating beautiful fragrance, the notes of quality vanilla and incense is a piece of art.