Coconut Paradise


This is a single note fragrance based on Coconut.

Looking for paradise?

You just found it! This magical elixir using only the highest concentration of Haitian coconut oils will transport you to paradise in no time! This Coconut is juicy, ripe and succulent, ready to the cut open and enjoyed by everyone. Wear Coconut Paradise during hot summer days, or Layer it with your favorite citrus based fragrance, they make best friends!

Comes in 60ml bottle

Customer Reviews

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It's a soft, tropical scent and just perfect.

Marsha Williams
Say Mah name

I'm from the Caribbean and smelling this is like Deja Vu period!

Anna Ramos
Mmm Coconut 🥥🥰

I received my full sized botle Coconut Paradise today. I love coconut. I purchased this to layer with Bath & Body Works Fresh Coconut Colada Fragrance Mist. Its powdery sweet like ice cream and when it warms up in my skin, I can almost smell the coconut meat. I’m craving for coconut now for real, but it only last for 5hrs. I want to see how it is in the summer. I love this mixed with Fresh Coconut Colada bec it makes the scent more sweeter, stronger, and last longer. I love it.

Makes Everything Better

This coconut adds a soft, slightly vanillic quality to the fragrances I've layered it with. It's powdery, and it isn't sweet. It's a coconut a man could wear. I really enjoy it! Much to my surprise, two samples were shipped along with my order. I received Paris Nights, and Dolled Up. The Coconut works great with both!

Next full size purchase.

I have two full size and testers and this was a tester. It will be my next full size purchase. Sweet powdery coconut. Delicious! It gets better the hotter you get! Careful! It's almost edible. You might get bitten.